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Cannabis Prohibition

Dispelling myths and revealing the truth related to Cannabis Prohibition.

Cannabis Prohibition Is Not: Decreasing crime

Cannabis Prohibition Is:

Empowering black market drug cartels and leading to violent crimes.

Cannabis Prohibition Is Not: Fiscally responsible

Cannabis Prohibition Is:

Costing billions of dollars to enforce and preventing millions in tax revenue that could help citizens.

Cannabis Prohibition Is Not: Based on science.

Recent medical studies and ancient experience do not support prohibiting the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Prohibition Is: Based on stigma, greed and racism.

Cannabis Prohibition Is Not: Family friendly

Cannabis Prohibition Is:

Tearing families apart with incarceration for possession of cannabis and the burden that history places on the individual when released.

Cannabis Prohibition Is Not: Led entirely by well-intentioned caution and prudence.

Cannabis Prohibition Is:

Fueled by competitive industries like pharmaceutical manufacturers and other industries such as for profit prisons.

Cannabis Does Not

Dispelling Myths: Learn the truth about Cannabis.

Cannabis Does Not: Cause brain damage

Cannabis Does:

Protect and heal the brain with molecules called cannabinoids. Patent #6,630,507 for cannabis as antioxidants and neuroprotectants is held by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Cannabis Does Not: Cause cancer

Cannabis Does:

Kill cancer cells through apoptosis (cell death), lack of proliferation and lack of access to blood supply while leaving healthy cells intact.

Cannabis Does Not: Lead to the use of dangerous drugs or addiction

Cannabis Does

Provide a safe exit drug for treating addiction. Cannabis is not physically addictive and has been shown to work in synergy with opioids for symptom relief and keeping necessary opioid dosage down by inhibiting tolerance.

Cannabis Does Not: Lead to an increase in traffic accidents

Cannabis Does

Decrease the overall number of highway fatalities in numbers directly correlated to the decrease of opioid use by drivers. There is no standard of impairment in drivers that use cannabis; it affects everyone differently and does not necessarily impair all consumers.

Cannabis Does Not: Kill people

There has never been a human life lost to overdose of cannabis. Cannabis works with your endocannabinoid system and is safe.

Cannabis Does: Allow people to have quality of life. Cannabis allows some people to function by treating symptoms such as anxiety, pain, or other symptoms of illness.

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